First Citizens Fund: Business Loan Program

Each year business loans from the First Citizens Fund support about 150 Aboriginal small businesses throughout British Columbia to start, expand or make improvements to their businesses.

Business loans are available to Aboriginal residents of B.C. for most types of operations and a wide range of sectors that include retail, services, fishing, forestry, agriculture, tourism and hospitality, manufacturing, new technologies and export.

BDC Aboriginal Banking

The Aboriginal Banking Services offer financial products and consulting services to Aboriginal entrepreneurs to assist them with business start-up, financial planning, business plan development and market and product development.


Tricorp offers loans for individuals, groups, partnerships, organizations, co-operatives and corporations. Both new and existing businesses are eligible and funds may be used for capital financing, operating loans or bridge financing.

National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association (NACCA)

NACCA is the association for a network of Aboriginal Financial Institutions (AFIs) dedicated to stimulating economic growth for Canada’s Aboriginal peoples by promoting and underwriting Aboriginal business development. AFIs provide business financing and support to Aboriginal businesses, which can include business loans, financial consulting services, aftercare and start-up support.