Our Alumni Say It Best

  • I have had this dream of a bakery for 20 plus years and I'm finally taking that next big step to work for myself and for my family and the Northwest ACE Program helped me tremendously in giving me more of a push to make my dream my reality.–Leona Ridley

  • It has just been such a great opportunity to really get my foot in the door and get me out there, get me thinking like an entrepreneur and just really leading me in the right direction.–Gulianna Hauknes

  • I think this program is the best program ever. I've taken a few other programs and I really thoroughly enjoyed this one because it made me think more about my business.–Aileen Hans

  • I'¬ím doing this to create my own future and set my own goals, and to reach and achieve those goals. The Northwest ACE Program helped me to realize that those are all possible through the caring and the concern that all of the professors, teachers and students helped me with to achieve that confidence in my goal.–Wayne Fast